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Alex Hamer
Written by Alex Hamer

Connecting your Procore account

Mosaic has a Procore integration, here's how to connect the two apps

To connect your Mosaic account to your Procore account, you will need to have a Paid Mosaic Plan, with at least a Starter Account.

Connecting your Procore account is easy, simply visit the My Account section of Mosaic;

At the bottom is an "Integrations" card, with the available integrations listed. Click "Connect to Procore;

Click "Procore" to enter your Procore login (you will not leave Mosaic but do this within the window);

Sign in to your Procore account and authorise the connection with Procore;

You will then have more options for "Linking" existing Procore Projects to Mosaic, or Create a New Project in Mosaic from existing Procore Projects

When you have linked Projects it will show them here as well