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Alex Hamer
Written by Alex Hamer

Creating a Project

This knowledgebase article will help you create a Project on Mosaic

Log in to Mosaic and you will be brought in on the Projects page

Click on "Create New Project"

The first step in creating a project is to choose whether it is a Domestic or Commercial project. The default setting is "Commercial".

Domestic clients are those having work carried out which is not connected with running a business. Usually, this means arranging for work to be carried out on the property where you or a family member lives

A commercial client is an organisation or individual for whom a construction project is carried out in connection with a business, whether the business operates for profit or not. Examples of commercial clients are schools, retailers and landlords.

Next, give it a memorable name which will identify the project easily for you, your Clients and other invitees to the project

Set the address of the project

Set your Role - are you the PD or the PD Advisor? A PD is legally responsible according to the CDM regulations, a PD advisor is not, as the legal responsibility lies with the formally appointed PD.

Every Project must have a client before it can be launched; you will need to add their full name and contact details

An email address is compulsory at this stage as we must invite in a Client and for them to be asked to accept their Responsibilities as a Client, we will email to them on project launch and they must accept the responsibilities on first signing in.

Add the Client's Postal address then click Create to start your Project!

A more in-depth walk-through of the Add Project wizard is available here: