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Document Category View

Mosaic separates Documents into Categories, which can be marked as Required or Not Required

You can view details on individual Document Categories, directly from the PCI and H&S File

On the PCI and H&S File there will be Document Types listed which need to be uploaded by the PD and the Team

Uploaded Documents are displayed in a separate list from System Generated Documents

Individual Document Types can be clicked on

You can click on individual Document types to view more information

For example - Existing Drawings

Click on an individual Document Category to view the information for that document type

The Document Category information view shows information which will help you understand the status of this document in terms of the PCI and H&S file

Such as whether it is required in the PCI and H&S File or not

How many individual documents of this type there are uploaded to Mosaic

Whether or not it is Present in the PCI and H&S file

Who uploaded an individual document

Search for documents and Download all as a Zip

You can search for a document by name and download all the documents of this type in a zip

Click on Back to go back to the PCI or H&S file