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Alex Hamer
Written by Alex Hamer

Document Management

Document Management is a key benefit of the Mosaic CDM app

A team of experienced Health & Safety and CDM consultants on the Mosaic Team have drawn up best-practice templates for PCI and H&S contents.

When a document is uploaded into Mosaic via the main Documents tab, or via the HARI, Mosaic will put that document in the PCI or the H&S file according to the rules our experts have set. The User will be asked to identify any uploaded document with a Document Type and a Document Name and Mosaic will display a helptext showing where that document is going to be stored in the application.

Documents can be uploaded via the "Your Documents" tab, which holds all the documents your Company has uploaded. To add a new Document Type, click "Upload". To upload an additional document to an existing type you can also do this via the list of documents, by expanding the row using the arrow icon.

Mosaic will decide where that should go based on the "Type you select on upload.

Mosaic will pre-fill the Name field with whatever your document is named in its Filename, you can then edit this for clarity as you see fit.

The Document Name becomes the display name of the upload in Mosaic, and the Document Type becomes the assigned document identifier, which lets Mosaic decide where to put it, the PCI or H&S file or elsewhere. Where appropriate, documents will appear in BOTH the PCI and H&S files when uploaded once. There are a few documents that Mosaic will automatically generate, and keep updated, such as the Project Brief and the Project Directory so you do not need to upload those. A full list of the Document types and where they appear is available in this Article: Mosaic Document Types

The PD can use the PCI and H&S views to manage the documents, marking some as "Not Required" (which will remove that document type from PCI or H&S file outputs), selecting which file(s) should appear in the PCI or H&S file if more than one has been uploaded in a particular category, and assigning documents to specific collaborators, asking them to upload that document.

Occasionally, Documents may be tagged with "Miscellaneous" during upload via HARI, which means the PD may need to re-set the Document Type in order to make it appear in the correct place. Please see the Document Type list for all document Types and where they will appear in the Mosaic Outputs.

To edit the details of a document, revisit the Documents tab, and select "EDIT" and you can edit the Name and Type of a document.

Changing the Type will change where it appears in the PCI/H&S files according to the Document Type list. If you need to change a document entirely, for example, if a document was uploaded in error, you should Delete the Document and, if required, re-upload the correct document in its place. This will ensure the deletion and replacement are logged in the Audit Log for other users to see the changes made.

You will only be able to delete Documents that you or someone on your team uploaded, unless you are the PD, in which case you have full control over Documents on the Project.

The PD of the project will also be able to create Subfolders within the PCI and H&S File, to help organise documents more easily.