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Alex Hamer
Written by Alex Hamer

Inviting Collaborators to a Project

How to invite Clients, Designers and Contractors to your Project

Mosaic works best when used to create a team of collaborators and to do this we add them to the Project Directory.

When you Create a Project you should first add the Client, which can be done via the Project creation wizard, and you should invite at least one Designer before you Launch the Project.

You can edit the Roles or Disciplines attributed to users via the Directory, as an admin level user, simply click Edit on the user's entry in the Directory.

Inviting users is done via the "Add User" button on the Project Directory screen.

These invited users will be sent a one-time-only link to click and accept the invitation, they can create their account at this point, or log in if they are already Mosaic users.

Once logged in they will be asked to accept their general Duties and Responsibilities, as well as any Design responsibility they may have according to CDM 2015.

Any collaborator without design duties will not be asked to complete the HARI although they will be able to view the Risks identified by others, either via the HARI itself or by viewing the system generated Risk Register.