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Alex Hamer
Written by Alex Hamer

Launching a Project

Before you can Launch, you need to get your Team set up!

When you Create a Project in Mosaic, you will need to invite your Client, and Designers into the project to participate. This is done easily via the Create Project wizard, then the Project Directory once the project is set up. Any admin user can invite collaborators to participate in a Project.

The next step is to complete the Project Particulars, adding in as much detail as possible, compulsory details are marked with an asterisk (*), all details can be changed later on so don't worry if you are not entirely sure about a section.

Once you have added sufficient detail to the Project Particulars and added the Client to the Project Directory, Mosaic will allow you to Launch the Project. You may want to continue setting up the project with more data, in which case you can hold back on clicking Launch until you are happy with the project setup. N.B. None of the invitations will go out to your collaborators until the Project is Launched by you.

Once launched, the particulars can be edited at any time via the link on the dashboard, and the toggles indicating what type of project is expected can still be edited at this point.

When you are happy with the Project Setup, click LAUNCH PROJECT

All collaborator Invitation Emails will be sent in one batch when you launch, so you can edit and amend as much of the project details as you wish before inviting other users to view the Project progress.