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Marking documents in the PCI or H&S as not required

The PD has special controls over the PCI and H&S file

As the PD, you can manipulate the PCI and the H&S file to remove documents that are not relevant for the particular project you are working on. This will hide those document types from the PCI and H&S file for other users, and if those users do upload documents tagged as those types, they will be highlighted as "not required" for that user, allowing them to delete the document and keep the uploaded documents as streamlined as possible.

The PD gets a slightly different view of the PCI to the normal users, with more controls, allowing the PD to perform an action on the PCI documents such as marking them "Not required" for this project, or "Assigning" documents to the relevant team.

For example on this Ground Investigation report row shown below, the PD can Assign the document to another user on the Project, Select which document appears in the PCI if more than one has been uploaded, Delete a file that should not be in this location in the PCI, Upload a new file in place, or mark it as Not Required on the Project which will remove it from other users' views by clicking the "x" icon. When on the PCI as PD, hover over the documents to see the options available to you.

When the PD marks a Document as "Not Required" or "Required", Mosaic will check to see if that Document appears in another location, and will ask the PD to confirm whether or not they wish to mark the Document in both locations at the same time.

A full list of the Document types and where they appear is available in this Article: Mosaic Document Types