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Alex Hamer
Written by Alex Hamer

Mosaic Outputs

What type of output can i expect from Mosaic?

As your Mosaic Project progresses, you will see that the Documents tab, the PCI tab, and the H&S File tab become more complete, with Documents listed, and available as a PDF download.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) guidance suggests that the role of Principal Designer (PD) includes 

Mosaic takes all the information gathered during the Design Phase and collates it into a separate PCI and an H&S File for the PD to help with planning, managing and monitoring health and safety in the pre-construction phase

A Risk Register is automatically compiled using the output from the HARI. This can be viewed in-browser and downloaded as a PDF by any user on the Project.

These files can then be shared directly from the relevant dashboard tab via a handy shareable URL link, or by downloading the relevant file for sharing outside of the Mosaic application.

´╗┐All edits to the project are logged in the Audit Log, which is updated in real-time and visible by all team members. The log includes links to narratives and documents uploaded by anyone else. This log can also be shared via a link to anyone, even individuals or companies not on Mosaic.