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Principal Designer Document Details View

The Principal Designer has Granular control of Documents in PCI, and they can see more details in Document views

System Generated Documents can be modified by the PD

You will see in the PCI that the System Generated Documents can be Deleted, Downloaded and Refreshed individually, this is a feature reserved for the PD

Uploaded Documents have more information than ever for the PD

The list of Documents to be uploaded now has more detail, giving the PD more visibility of the state of each Document category

The Number of individual Documents uploaded is now shown

Each Document category has a numerical indicator showing how many individual documents have been uploaded to that category

Click on the Document Category name to view more details

The Document Category View interface has been updated to give the PD more control and more information

The header now has an indication of whether the Category is Required or Not Required

The PD can mark document categories as Required or Not Required via the PCI and H&S File, this will be clearly displayed within the Document Details

Click on Proposed Drawings…

The total number of documents will be displayed

Toggle to exclude the individual Document

The PD can toggle an individual document in or out of the PCI or H&S File, giving granular control of the documents included, while still leaving the Category as Required or Not Required.

Mirrored documents will toggle both PCI and H&S File

Including and excluding PCI documents which are automatically copied to the H&S File will include/exclude both at the same time

The PD will see an Indication of whether the Document is present

This Document has been toggled off

This document, while still uploaded to Mosaic and available for downloading by the team, will not be included in the H&S File

If you want to remove a Document altogether you can click Delete

The PD can Click to Edit the individual document, even if not uploaded by the PD

Click on Edit to change the Title or Category of a Document

You can edit the Name to re-name a Document for everyone

If you need to edit the name to be more descriptive or to allow adding of more versions of the same document

PD can Change the Type to change the Category of a document

Change the Type if the Document has been incorrectly categorised by the uploader

In the Edit Screen you will be able to see where the document will be stored

Editing the Document Type may alter the place Mosaic stores the document, so this is displayed in the edit view

Click on Update to save changes

Present or Not Present

This Document has been uploaded, but is not Present in the PCI as it has been marked Not Required by the PD

Click to exclude a document from the PCI