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Alex Hamer
Written by Alex Hamer

Procore Integration

Mosaic now integrates with Procore, saving you even more time!

You can connect your Procore account to Mosaic, simply go to the Integrations card in the My account section of Mosaic and click "Connect Procore".

You can sync your Directory, pulling user details from Procore into Mosaic, click "Sync with Procore" on the Mosaic Directory tab

You can sync your document library, only upload documents to Procore's platform once then sync them across to Mosaic

You can sync your project list, use the details added in Procore to Create a new Project in Mosaic, link existing projects to allow directory and Document syncing

In Mosaic, make the connection between your Projects, tell Mosaic which project is which via the integrations tab. You can only sync across Projects which are not already linked, so if you have another team member who has linked the Procore Project to their Mosaic, you will not be able to sync that project to your Mosaic as well.

Mosaic automatically syncs with Procore every day at midnight, meaning all your Procore items are usually available to sync to Mosaic. If there are items that do not appear in the integration, i.e. a Document you have uploaded recently does not appear in Mosaic for syncing, you can manually sync, via the Manage Procore button shown above, click on the 3 dots and select "Run Job" to sync manually. You can close the window once you have hit Run Job, it will carry on syncing in the background. Here, You can also "Reconnect" your Procore integration if it is not behaving as expected. If you are still having problems with the sync, contact Mosaic Support for help.