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Alex Hamer
Written by Alex Hamer

Project Particulars

Adding Particulars to your Project correctly

The "Project Particulars" section of the Project Dashboard contains all the information to do with the project, as defined in Reg.6 of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

You can edit these details at any time, but try to get them as complete as possible early on so that new participants in the project can see the up to date details when they join. 

This information includes:

The address of the construction site or a precise description of its location.

The name of the local authority where the construction site is located.

A brief description of the project type and the construction work that it entails.

The time allocated for the construction work by the client under regulation 4(1)

The start date planned for the construction phase.

The planned duration of the construction phase.

The estimated maximum number of people at work on the construction site.

The planned number of contractors on the construction site.

The Budget for the project.

Current and Previous use of the Site.

Details of any existing Structures.