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Alex Hamer
Written by Alex Hamer


Who is the Sub-Contractor?

Clients and Contractors will often use sub-contractors to carry out particular elements of the works. 

The use of sub-contractors enables the main contractor to undertake more complex projects whilst not unacceptably increasing their exposure to risk, however, concerns have been expressed about the prevalence of sub-contractors because of a perception that the main contractor has less control over the skills and training of sub-contractor employees and so there may be a negative impact on quality and health and safety on site.

Mosaic tackles this by allowing that all sub-contractors can be invited into the project with or without design responsibility. A sub-contractor with design responsibility is required to complete the HARI and will have input on the risk assessment of their particular package, whereas a sub-contractor without design responsibility will be able to view all the information on Mosaic, but will not be required to complete the HARI.

Sub-Contractors can also be invited with "required documents" attributed to their participation in the project (such as warranties, operations manuals and as-built drawings). This ensures that all the expected documentation from all participants is captured in the Mosaic project.

See this video for information on the "Required Documents" menu in Mosaic