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Alex Hamer
Written by Alex Hamer

Syncing Documents from Procore

How to bring documents you have uploaded to Procore, into Mosaic

Once you have uploaded some documents into Procore, you can sync those to Mosaic, to help compile the Pre-Construction Information pack for example.

Ensure the Project is connected to Mosaic by checking the Integrations tab in the My Account section of Mosaic

If the Projects are Synced, you can go to the Project Documents Tab and there will be a Sync Procore option on the Documents tab.

Click to open the Document Sync window, where you can choose from the Documents in Procore. Any document you have already synced across will not appear, so if the Document you require does not appear in the list then check Mosaic for a document of the same name to ensure it has not already been synced across.

Tell Mosaic what type of Document that is...

Once done you will see that document now sits in your Mosaic Document Library