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Alex Hamer
Written by Alex Hamer

The Audit Log

What is the Mosaic Audit Log and how does it help?

The Audit log keeps a log of all interactions with the Project. Every time a collaborator joins the project via invitation, uploads or deletes a Document, or completes a HARI, Mosaic will log that in the Audit trail and, where appropriate, provide a link to the content or change so that it can be viewed by any other participant on the project.

The PD can use the Audit log to view and manage individual narratives on the Risk register, removing the Risk or the Narrative from the Register as appropriate.

the Audit log can be shared with non-users via the link on the top of the Log, this will provide anyone external or internal to the project with a view of the log for the purpose of reviewing the contributions made by all participants, for example in the event of an incident an HSE auditor can be invited to view the Audit log.

The Log can be downloaded into CSV file for viewing in Excel should that be required.