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Alex Hamer
Written by Alex Hamer

What can Mosaic help with?

What will using the application help a PD with?

Mosaic was designed from the ground up by Health & Safety consultants with 20 years' experience of managing CDM on Construction Projects.

It was designed to be compliant with CDM 2015, providing you with a fully compliant PCI and H&S file at the required stages, along with an audit trail of all the decisions made by the project's designers to get to that stage.

It will help you as Principal Designer (PD);

  1. Plan, manage, monitor and coordinate the health and safety aspects of the pre-construction information of a project by providing structure and guidance to preparing complete PCI and H&S files.
  2. Assess the client’s pre-construction information, providing guidelines and simple wizards to successfully compile the necessary details.
  3. Identify and, where possible, eliminate risks associated with design elements. Reduce and control any foreseeable risk that cannot or will not be eliminated.
  4. Ensure efficient and regular contact, coordination and cooperation with the project team and other design consultants.
  5. Liaise with the Principal Contractor (PC) for the duration of the project. Mosaic automatically compiles the necessary Pre-Construction Information (PCI) covering the planning, management, monitoring and coordination of the construction phase, ensuring that the PC has the information required to prepare a construction phase plan. All documents uploaded to Mosaic can be viewed online, downloaded individually or together as a zip file by any user invited to the project.
  6. Work with Domestic Clients. Working with Domestic Clients is no different to working for a Commercial Client, with one exception; CDM 2015 does not require domestic clients to carry out client duties as these will usually pass to other duty-holders. Domestic Clients can relinquish their client duties with a written agreement between the client and the PD, the PD will then fulfil all client duties. 
  7. Compile, update, review and revise a project's Health and Safety file as a project progresses. Upon completion, you can then share the Health & Safety file with the client to retain, as a single zip file containing all the legally required documentation. The H&S file also can be downloaded by any participant on the project at any time.