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Alex Hamer
Written by Alex Hamer

What is Mosaic?

You've been invited in to Mosaic, but what is it?

Mosaic is a Design Risk Management tool that has been developed to guide designers and construction professionals through hazard identification and Construction Design Risk Management (CDM) using a wizard called HARI and a variety of document upload templates to store CDM documents in an easy to use format.

Presenting up to date status on the Dashboard, with handy links to all areas of Mosaic, you can see at a glance where the Project's CDM is up to.

The application's HARI tool provides a comprehensive list of potential risks associated with construction projects, and walks every Designer on the project through a wizard-based Q&A process to determine all risks present on a particular project, how they have been considered, how they have been designed out where possible, and allows designers to provide written explanation, documentation or advice where risks remain.

There is a Document store, along with a suggested list of all the documents that a Principal Contractor may expect to receive when entering the Pre-Construction Phase of a project. The Pre-Construction Information (PCI) is always available to anyone involved in the project, via the PCI tab on the dashboard.

Mosaic helps you produce a comprehensive Health & Safety (H&S) file by providing a structure and suggested document list for you to complete, and which the application automatically updates as the project proceeds. As you complete tasks within Mosaic and add documents to the system they are compiled into the PCI and H&S files where appropriate in a clear, concise and easily understandable form, which can be conveniently accessed by any project participant at any time via the project dashboard.

All the information gathered during the HARI process, and via the document upload tools, is presented in a number of ways that can easily be shared with stakeholders. Mosaic provides a download link that can be shared with anyone, of the PCI and of the H&S file, as well as the option of creating a Zip file with all documents within, which can be shared digitally by any method necessary. All findings from the HARI will be compiled into a Risk Register that can be shared as a PDF and is automatically included in the PCI and the Generated Report which can be produced by anyone on the Project.